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Amour Chocolates

The concept of 'Amour Chocolates' was a Chocolate Novelty Brand that was inspired by the 'reward system' of advent calendars. The primary focus of the chocolates would be to promote healthy relationships and rekindle the love of a current relationship. I was hoping that the chocolates would serve as a 'reward' for completing a task, and completing the task would improve the consumer's love life by reminding them to be attentive and kind to their partner. Below were some sketch mood boards I started off with:

This (left) ended up to be the final look of the packaging: the front, back, and the two inner pieces. 

I had also created the mini-chocolate packaging (below) so that each piece would lift up and reveal the illustration underneath! (a romantic parody of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss to stir deep sentiments within your heart!)
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