My name is Doris Liou and I am a Taiwanese-American artist from San Jose, CA, graduated from

RISD in Providence, RI, and am currently illustrating at Slate Magazine (and doing freelance illustration)

in Brooklyn, NY.


I specialize in illustrating narrative imageries and creating graphics, but also enjoy integrating design and animation into my work. My goal is to make art that is fun and lively, so anyone that is viewing it can have a good time!

I also like to learning new things, cooking new food, wheel-throwing funny cups, and petting my cat, Huey.

Please take a look at my:
Public Features:
2018    NYC Society of Illustrators  |  Student Winner
             Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Recipient
2018    3 x 3 Illustration Annual  |  Winner
2018    American Illustration 37  |  Winner
2018    Communication Arts Illustration  |  Shortlist
2019    Society of Illustrators 61  |  Winner
2019    American Illustration 38  |  Winner