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Fish Database of Taiwan Rebranding Project

I have always been interested in marine conservation and sustainable fish consumption. So, when I was assigned to rebrand a non-profit organization, I immediately began searching for marine conservation organization, and eventually dwelled on The Fish Database of Taiwan. I felt that this database offered an abundance of information, and had potential as a great educational online resource, however, just lacked some visual appeal and organization. I thought that if I added the element of illustration along with design, the information could become much more digestable and exciting to potential viewers. This is definitely still a work-in-progress, but this is the documentation of my start.


Below are some style guidelines I created as well as the new logo:

I also saw some potential for sticker merchandise, in hopes that it would raise awareness that you, as the consumer, could help make sustainable fish choices:
Also, some loading animations made in Adobe After Effects  (Left: first rendition, Right: final rendition):
Finally, an infographic containing information about the struggle for marine conservation and how consumers can help:
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