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The Tempest Design Internship
Facebook Banner:
The first project was to create a summer themed graphic banner for the Tempest's Facebook page. I created an illustration
that aimed to reflect the diversity and empowerment that the Tempest promotes, but also wanted to included the fun relaxation of summer time.
Media Closing Sequence:
As the Tempest is branching out to create more video and graphic media, they asked me to create a closing animation sequence for every video that would serve to sum up the company branding and message. 
Animating this video took up the majority of the internship due to the huge amount of revisions and time storyboarding (and the art director's request for it to be a frame animation and not vector). This animation to the left is the final product!
404 Error Page:
Then, I created the 404 Error Page for the Tempest's website. The focus of the assignment was just to create the illustration to be consistent with their current branding and incorporate humor.
Lunapads Editorial:
This article was a collaboration between Lunapads and The Tempest. It was meant to be a humorous listicle that taps into the current social and cultural frustrations that many American millennials are dealing with when it comes to body-policing – with a particular focus on one’s period.
The top image to the left is the final editorial illustration that was paired with this article.
The bottom image to the left was a rejected image, but I still feel very tender and attached towards it, so I just thought I would include it in this documentation.
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